Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hallo 2012

Laat ons mediteer. (ek hoop julle verstaan Engels)
Some Practical Suggestions:
It is good, for instance, to keep to the same time for the daily meditation practice – early morning is suggested, for the mental world is quiet then; and the morning meditation can irradiate the whole day.  Meditate if possible in a quiet, prepared place; and ideally, always use the same chair.  This is because the chair and the place become associated with the meditative state; they begin to acquire an aura of quietness which in itself becomes a protection from the busy-ness of the world.  The chair should be comfortable and upright so that the body can be held poised and erect, spine straight, without strain of tension in any part of the body.  A simple way of relaxing the shoulders and the back of the neck, where so much tension is centred, is to shrug the shoulders once or twice and then try to feel their weight and the weight of the arms; also to let the head drop forward and feel its weight and the stretch at the back of the neck, before gently straightening again.  The ankles should be crossed, right over left, and the hands lie cupped in the lap, left in right, in a relaxed attitude of quiet surrender and waiting upon God.  The whole body is poised yet relaxed, at peace yet alert.
Now, begin to breathe a little more deeply, a little more slowly, but quietly and gently, without strain, listening to the quiet rhythm of your own breathing.  As you do this the active mind begins to become still and the consciousness is slowly withdrawn from the outer to the inner world of stillness and meditation.
The return from the deep inner awareness to consciousness of the everyday world should be slow and deliberate, perhaps through picturing a beautiful garden and resting there for a while amid the perfect beauty and colour of the world of nature.  Then again use the breath to help bring you ‘back to earth’; breathe deeply and strongly, and as you gradually and deliberately become conscious of the physical body feel that with each breath the body is becoming filled with light.  In imagination see the brow, throat, heart and solar plexus centre ‘sealed’ with the cross of light within the circle of light, and see the whole body encircled by a ring of light.


A White Eagle book of meditation


Be patient, brethren.  Your work is in the plan, and the plan will unfold when you yourself have learned wisdom; when you have been prepared, perhaps through extreme difficulties in your physical life, for the work you have to do.  Your troubles and frustrations are all part of your preparation, all helping you to become a more receptive instrument for the power of the spirit.  Obey your conscience, the word of God in your heart.  Bear difficulties courageously, and never lose faith.
We have said throughout the years, ‘keep on keeping on’.  This is the magic phrase – steadfastness.  Pursue your path in spite of obstacles and difficulties.  Sometimes the tests come thick and fast until you feel that you have had quite a battering; as you get up from one test, down you go with another.  Do not be discouraged by this, but keep on faithfully, trusting that divine love and law which will eventually bring truth and wisdom within yourself; for you learn, not through words, but through your reactions to the tests.
When you can kneel before the altar of your inmost being and say, ‘Not my will, O Lord, but Thy will.  I humbly accept,’ then the strength will come to you; joy will light your life and you will see truth; you will see divine law working out in human life.  And believe us, this vision of the divine law at work in human life, in spiritual evolution, brings indescribable happiness.
The bretheren bless you and tenderly love you.  Think of their love for you and it will help you upward.  They know your need; the supply is limitless.

We visualise the symbol of the cross of light encircled by light.  The cross is man himself in incarnation but held always in the circle of God’s love.  Try to feel that you are the cross, with arms outstretched in giving and in surrender to God’s great love.  As you do so you become aware of a perfect rose at the centre of the cross – your heart.
As you meditate, the rose grows in size and you are enfolded in its fragrance – you are within the temple of the rose; its walls are soft and translucent, shining with rose-tinged light.  You are surrounded by your spirit bretheren and supported by their love.

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