Thursday, 20 February 2014


Ai, my ou seun.  Hy het wragtag my bloed in sy are.  Ons hou daarvan om statements te maak.  Daar sit hy in die wye wêreld.  Doen sy ding.  Ye right, hy het die klomp plakkers gewys hoe om te operate.  Well done.  Happy birthday.  (ek praat maar bietjie engels, in case hy nie meer Afrikaans verstaan nie)  Yes my son.  You proofed to the world that you can do it.  Yebo.  Yes.  Thank you for keeping up the family name.  The family spirit.  Yebo. 
For understanding the needs within our hearts.  To brake away.  Cool.  How is your wife.  It looks like you do not want to share information.  Why?  What have we done to yoo.  If you do not want to talk, send money.  Yebo yes.  Africa is a poor country now.  We are fighting the struggle.  But as long as we can plant, we will and we will eat.  We boers will not go under. 
Tell me, how many bedrooms is there in you house. Is it possible to rent a container.  This side we can not, we must first pay.  I was thinking, if you rent a container, we all could go there.  Lets do a countup:
7 cats
1 dog
1 bird
1 rabbit
1 hamster
1 boertjie
1 crazy mama
1 oupa and 2 dogs
1 ouma
Don’t worry.  Once we are there, I will find a job.  We could help you and the wife with a litte xtra income.  Let me know.  Now, the day after you birthday, go the the visa-office.  Tell them they must send me the paperwork.  Maybe, I will wait a while before I start a job.  I need time to get to know my daughter in law. 
Oupa can get to know the neighbours and so on.  I am sure they will love little Africa culture.  You should learn from oupa before he dies. 

You must prepare your wife.  We do not eat much.  Maybe she can work a little overtime till we settle down.  And remember what your mother taught you about woman.